Frankie turns 3

Frankie turns 3

The last of Frankie’s birthday celebrations are over & I just cannot believe we are entering our fourth year together, everyone tells you how fast life goes when you have kids and they’re not wrong! It was a Team Umizoomi theme this year, we adored his cake made by a lovely lady in Southend and cookies which were to die for!

I feel like 3 is to what turning 25 was for me, I was shoved from the comfort of the 18-24 bracket to the 25 and overs, I know how the hopeless singers on X Factor feel now and now Frankie is part of the genre of the toddler, 3+ means £££ no more getting away with 2 and under go for free now he is a fully fledged toddler!

In the days leading up to Frankie’s Birthday, I found this fun Toot Toot advent calendar and Frankie adored waking up every day and opening the doors to open up to eventually get the Birthday car which sings and has a hat, ball & cake to go on it’s ‘head’!

On Frankie’s actual birthday, the 5th November, we opened presents at home then treated him to his first Build-a-Bear experience, went onwards to 360 Play to run around for the rest of the day until the family came round for the evening for food, presents and cake! This year really was the first year where I feel like Frankie understood wholly what his birthday meant, he embraced opening every present and was such a lucky little boy! His favourites are his ice cream truck and every single car track, which we now own in abundance! I am planning to do a 5 favourite presents post & to read more on what I bought him click onto ‘Frankie’s Birthday Presents’.

The weekend that followed we took him to see other family members and celebrated with fireworks and food at his Nan’s house, though the party pooper fell asleep after the first few! I think it all got too much for him!


And yesterday we celebrated the last of his celebrations at Cheeky Monkeez in a joint party with his little friend Harry who turns 3 in December, so we decided to put the party smack bang in the middle so not to overwhelm them with presents and fun on their actual birthdays and it was a success! They both had lots of fun and the venue was perfect!

I then spent most of yesterday (after his party) attempting to load the boxes of track, toys and games into his bedroom without looking like a cluttered mess! & I failed pretty miserably too, why does every single toy have 200+ pieces that must stay together! There must be an easier way to store the 60+ different track combinations he now owns! If anyone has figured it out, do share!

All in all our little bug had the perfect birthday, the Dummy Fairy successfully came and went with little fuss & he was thoroughly spoiled by everyone that loves him!


Now it’s time to clear the decorations after two weeks and make way for Christmas!


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