Build-A-Bear Workshop – Birthday Treat Bear

Build-A-Bear Workshop – Birthday Treat Bear

On Frankie’s Birthday I planned to take him to our local Build-A-Bear to treat Frankie to his first Build-A-Bear and take advantage of their Birthday Treat Bear deal. If you take your little ones to any Build-A-Bear Workshop during the month of their birthday, the price you pay is their age for their very own Birthday Treat Bear. 


We got to our local shop in Basildon bright and early on the morning of Frankie’s 3rd Birthday and were the only ones in the shop. We were greeted by a lovely shop worker Matt who made a huge fuss of Frankie throughout the whole experience and held his attention the whole time! I asked if he needed Frankie’s birth certificate to prove his age but he was satisfied I wasn’t lying! (& Frankie was running around singing Happy Birthday to Meeeeeee, which helped!)

He explained that they hadn’t had a delivery of their Birthday Treat Bears in but offered us a Lil’ Cub Brownie which is exactly the same with the exception of the ‘Happy Birthday’ paw pads. He took us over to the sound machine and told us to go through and decide if we wanted to record our own message, a recording of a song and even Paw Patrol sayings but of course Frankie decided to go with How Far I’ll Go by Moana, which he continued to play over and over again to the poor shop workers dismay and sing at the top of his lungs! Matt grabbed a sound bar and added the tune to it, at the cost of £4.50 and slotted it into the Bear’s hand.

We went over to the stuffing machine where he explained to Frankie that we needed to make our Bear squashy and cuddly and Frankie helped by pushing down the pedal for him whilst he stuffed. He then asked if we wanted a usual fabric heart or one that physically moves like a heartbeat (thankfully Frankie chose the former!) which they kissed, rubbed on his arms for muscle power, on his head for brain power and closed his eyes and made a wish and slotted it into his bear!

Frankie was offered to give his bear a Scentiment of either Ice Cream, Marshmellow, even Peppermint and more, but he decided he didn’t want one!

Once he was stuffed Matt stitched up our Brownie Bear, who Frankie then decided we would call ‘Pum Pum’ (flashback to Thomas Land) and told us to choose some clothes and then meet him at the Birth Certificate Computer to register Pum Pum.

Frankie chose a blue Birthday t-shirt and some Union Jack High Tops for Pum Pum and despite my best efforts lost interest in clothes shopping, which is probably for the best for Mummy’s bank balance, and continued to play the Moana song!

We eventually got him over to the Birth Certificate computer where we inputted his and Frankie’s names and submitted our Bear and BAM Pum Pum was born! 3 years exactly after Frankie, I love that his birth certificate shares the same day as Frankie’s birthday too!

Despite my our £3 Birthday Bear adventure actually ended up costing me £18, I loved the experience and would recommend anyone with birthdays coming up for their little ones to go and get one for themselves! Frankie had so much fun and loved watching his Bear come to life!

Build-A-Bear Workshop is a fun experience for all and they have such a wide variety of characters and clothes they’ll be something for all ages! Join their Build-A-Bear Bonus Club for additional perks and extras too!

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