Hurley’s Pumpkin Forest

Hurley’s Pumpkin Forest

Every year Hurley’s Pumpkin Forest opens it’s doors (gates) over October for their Pumpkin picking experience and this year was bigger and better than years before. If you are planning on visiting a pumpkin farm before the end of October, Hurley’s is the place to go.

The work and thought that has gone into the layout of the farm and activities this year is clear when looking around. There is ample parking & upon arrival there is a lovely man handing out a ‘things I did today’ leaflet, which at each activity you stamp to show what you have done, which Frankie really loved doing!

Pumpkin Forest is free to visit, free to park & free to experience. You only pay for the pumpkins, which are better priced than most supermarkets and a huge variety, the pumpkin painting which is £3 each for a wristband and you can paint as many or few as you like, the maize maze & the pumpkin carriage rides, they have a lovely little Shetland pony and a pumpkin carriage.

The pumpkin picking fields have so many different varieties to choose from, grey, white, of course orange & different choices of squash. The munchkin pumpkins were so sweet! There are plenty of wheelbarrows, which I’ve found in other places to be sparse, so it was lovely wheeling Frankie around in one & picking our pumpkins as we went along.

We paid for a wristband to paint our own white pumpkins, which are now taking pride of place on our dining room table! Frankie loved whizzing from activity to activity, especially the pumpking bowling and the wizard’s welly wanging!

There is also a lovely cart selling every variety of hot chocolate & latte thinkable, different varieties of chocolate brand & of course PUMPKIN! They also sell hot dogs, sausage rolls & waffles with chocolate and ice cream, all very reasonably priced! & the bounty hot chocolate is delicious!

If you have a chance between now and the 31st October you simply must visit with the kids, they’ll love it! It’s the perfect Halloween activity with the family & we can’t wait to come back at Christmas when they reopen their Christmas Tree Farm, which you can see growing in the fields beyond the pumpkins!

Hurley’s Pumpkin Farm

Hurley’s Pumpkin Farm, Woodham Road, Battlesbridge (Wickford), Essex, SS11 7QL


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