I nearly have a 3 year old!

I nearly have a 3 year old!

How has this happened?!

In the blink of an eye my chubby 9 month little fidget bum is turning 3 next month, he’s potty trained, no longer takes a bottle at night and doesn’t need Mummy there all the time anymore.

He is a self-sufficient toddler, in the last year he has learnt so much, his speech is commented on all the time, everyone says how well and literate he is for his age. Some call it literate I call it sarcastic and backchat HAHA! Everyone that meets Frankie comments on how funny he is, because he is just that, funny. He has me in stitches 80% of the time, the other 20% he’s throwing a shit fit in Sainsburys or screaming at me because we’re stuck in traffic and he ‘needs’ to hurry up..

The tantrums, I hope and pray to God, will start to subside! When he doesn’t get his own way he turns hulk smash on me and starts lashing whatever is in his reach and throwing it about, Woody into the sofa, Marshall and Rubble get lobbed halfway across the kitchen and Dora into the fridge. I’ve learnt to stop shouting, to try and take deep breaths and just ignore him and hope he starts snapping out of it!

Our last hurdle is the dummy, he still asks for it when he’s tired and of a nighttime he has it when he goes to bed only, he knows as we keep telling him, once his birthday comes his dummies are going in the sky but I don’t think he’s quite grasped that he will never see them again. I’ve settled on the ‘cold turkey’ approach after talking to other Mums who have all mostly said there is more harm than good to us and them by weaning them slowly, pick a date and commit, much like potty training!

I know every Mum & Parent is guilty of saying this, but wow does time fly when you have a child! I used to hate being told that, you wait until you have him, it’ll go quick! They were just trying to pre-warn me, I didn’t believe them! But I should of, I want time to stand still and let me embrace my little boy and all of his traits for a little longer before I’m ready for him to grow another year older (& pay full price for days out and attractions as he won’t be in that 0-2 bracket any longer)

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  1. October 16, 2018 / 11:58 am

    You must be so proud of him :’).
    Happy birthday in advance to the little fellow ❤❤

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