Salmon & Pea Risotto

Salmon & Pea Risotto

I saw a fellow mum blogger on Instagram @mylifewiththelittles make this the other night & I fancied it ever since! I’ve never cooked risotto before but it was so easy, tasty & Frankie polished it off in no time at all!

Shopping List:-

  • Salmon fillet
  • Arborio rice
  • Vegetable stock
  • Frozen peas (any veg)
  • *optional* basil & dill for seasoning

How to:-

  1. Oven bake a fillet of salmon (I added dill & parsley for seasoning)
  2. Whilst baking add 450ml of boiling water to a cube and half of vegetable stock
  3. Bring until boiling
  4. Add 250g of arborio rice into a frying pan and a nob of butter and stir on a medium heat
  5. Gradually (I mean GRADUALLY as in SLOWLY) add the stock continually stirring to fluff the rice
  6. It seems to take FOREVER, it takes around 20-25 minutes at least (I could of done mine a bit longer) but it eventually expands and gets fluffy
  7. Add the frozen peas (or any veg) and stir in continually stirring
  8. *add a mob of butter for flavour*
  9. Slice and flake the salmon and add in
  10. Serve!


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