90 days left of 2018

90 days left of 2018

I read (and calculated because I initially couldn’t believe it) that we have just 90 days left of 2018, in the most polite way possible where the f has 2018 gone?! I feel like all the goals I made back in January haven’t quite gone to plan, like most New Years Resolutions most when out of the window when poverty hits & we all start to realise it’s just another day in another year!

My favourite time of year is here, October, the month of my birthday & Halloween, November, Frankie’s birthday & a trip to Budapest for me and Mrtwentyishmum and December, Christmas!!

I’m a big believer in not dwelling on what you haven’t done and focusing on what you have achieved! We all have days that we want to kick ourselves for making a bad choice but we’re not perfect, well I am certifiably not!

  • I didn’t drop a dress size, but I did lose and keep off 9lbs
  • By the time the year is out I would of been to four different countries this year, not the six I had planned but over half!
  • Frankie is fully fledged and potty trained (despite the occasional shitty pants)
  • I transferred jobs back into London & I love my job
  • Didn’t buy a new car but spent NO money having to fix the car this year #winning
  • My credit card didn’t get paid off but my Very account did (that’s an achievement in itself!)

Instead of adopting a ‘fuck it, I’ll try again next year’ attitude, I am going to try and focus the next 90 days on being the best person I can be and set myself some smaller, attainable goals that I know I’ll achieve!

  • Drink a litre of water a day
  • Have a berrocca a day (in the hope that this will somehow counteract all the mulled wine and cheese I will consume in the next three months)
  • Stop sitting on my phone after 9pm and start reading again of an evening
  • Walk at least 10km a week and track it on mapmywalk
  • Have a clearout and get the 2-3 clothes that are riding up Frankie’s elbows and ankles onto Facebook marketplace
  • Get rid of the old bits of toys that match NO OTHER TOY in the whole of his toyboxes
  • Put aside the money from above two goals towards buying our first Christmas tree!

It’s so true what everyone tells you before you have kids you have all the time in the world, when you have kids your world speeds up, they grow SO much and SO quickly! Instead of focusing on the year you’ve had, end it on the year that you want so you can enter 2019 the same way you go out!



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