Little Sunshines Baby and Toddler Group, Benfleet

Little Sunshines Baby and Toddler Group, Benfleet

Arguably one of the best playgroups in Essex, in mine and Frankie’s opinions, Little Sunshines is back this Friday and we couldn’t be happier!

Gemma & Louise are two of the nicest and most dedicated Mummies I’ve ever met! They both decided to start Little Sunshines back in April 2017 combining their raising of six children between them, late night planning & different themed ideas for each week.


I have no idea how they have the imagination let alone time between them both to come up with some of the ideas showcased each week, we’ve had union jack styled coloured rice on Royal Wedding Day to rolling hamsters in balls, leaves with fake creatures on Animal weeks & at their End of Term Disney party a giant real ice Frozen castle and they both jumped around for a solid two hours dressed as Buzz & Woody despite the hot weather on the day! Louise was pregnant for most of the year too!


They have a dedicated area for the younger babies which is separated from the ‘older tots’ area, making it the perfect place for Mums of 2+ to come and enjoy spending time with all children and there really is something for everyone!

Frankie quite literally spends the full hour and half hop, skipping and jumping & charging about playing with toot toots, stacking bricks, digging for ‘fossils’, painting and sticking pictures, making me ‘ice creams’ and much more.


They have a wide selection of roleplay outfits, a ‘photobooth’ with a backdrop, polly pockets, toot toots, happyland, fish bowls, play toys, playmats, stacking bricks, colouring, painting, the list goes on and on & varies from week to week!

*disclaimer* there will (ALWAYS) most likely be some kind of activity that will cause a mess, flour, sticky rice, water, ice! All good fun! Take a change of clothes*

The price includes lunch for the kids, fruit, snacks, fruitloaf, raisins, crisps, cake & tea and coffee for the parents!

Frankie’s favourite part of the group is at the end when they sit down to their favourite nursery rhyme singalong  where they get out decorated cardboard boxes as cars and they get to pick a different nursery rhyme out of the bag of bits e.g. sizzling sausages, twinkle twinkle etc.

The parachute also comes out at the end and they continue the singing right up until the end of class.

Little Sunshines is back and on every Friday 10-11.30am for lots of fun for all ages! Suitable from birth! Can’t wait to come back!

☀️Sensory/ designated baby area
☀️Messy play area
☀️Lots of toys
☀️Beautiful large space plus kitchen
☀️Includes tea/coffee/cake for adults
☀️Snack/ juice for children
☀️Fun song time at the end
☀️Parachute and bubbles!

Babies 0-6 months – £3
Movers – £4
Toddlers aged 1-5 – £5


Little Sunshines Toddler & Baby Group – Facebook

☀️Baby and Toddler Group☀️
Rookery View Hall, Benfleet, SS7

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