Cheeky Monkeez Play Centre, South Woodham Ferrers

Cheeky Monkeez Play Centre, South Woodham Ferrers

Having a rare Monday off work I met up with a friend and her little boy at a softplay recommend by her in South Woodham Ferrers. Cheeky Monkeez is situated in the town and it is one of those places that if you aren’t in the know, you wouldn’t know it is there!

We parked in ASDA car park, which is free up to 4 hours and walked to Cheeky Monkeez, we paid £4.50 entry for the boys and positioned ourselves in the cafe area whilst Frankie got to grips with his surroundings. Cheeky Monkeez – How to Find us

The main floor area is a ‘track’ and soft foam puzzle mat with tunnels, slides, apparatus, ride on toys, trucks, little tikes cars, a jumparoo, baby walkers and lots of other play bits for the kids. They can use the ride on scooters, trucks and cars to circle the track surrounding the middle area which Frankie loved doing.

In the far corner there is a dressing up area with a rail full of outfits from Woody and Buzz to Elsa and Ana, as you can see Frankie took full advantage of the fireman/policeman outfits and whizzed around screaming ‘nee naw nee naw’.

The best part was the ‘shops’ and the actively encouraged roleplay. There is a vets, grocery store/kitchen and a workshop. The vets had lots of toy pets and animals and doctors kits. The grocery store/kitchen had toy kitchens, food, tables, baskets, tills and trolleys and the workshop had foam bricks, hammers and toolkits.

There is also a bouncy castle which was fully inflated and surrounded by soft foam puzzle mats, baby buggies, bead wooden trays and lots of other bits dotted around.

Their food menus are brilliantly priced. If you go you HAVE TO try the homemade chilli and cheesy nachos, my friend got them and they were absolutely uneal, no worries of a dry nacho in this place! I ordered cheesy chips and a vanilla latte for myself and an apple juice and smarties for Frankie and it came to around £7ish. (I know, I am the epitome of a healthy mum). Cheeky Monkeez – Food Menu

They have free wifi, baby changing facilities with potties and a kiddie toilet seat too. I saw the ladies go round a few times sanitising the toys and putting the roleplay shops back together after the kids had been in them which was nice to see.

The best part of the whole visit was we came out having booked the boy’s joint 3rd birthday party! We have exclusive hire, food, party music, face painting, bubbles, party bags all included in the premium package! I’ve been looking for somewhere for November that isn’t going to cost the earth, but Cheeky Monkeez were so reasonable we couldn’t say no, all we need to do is turn up and bring a cake! #winning.

The ladies were so lovely and sat and talked to us and explained that starting Monday 24th September they will be doing £2.50 entry before 11am with a free coffee/tea and will be making homemade cakes to sell (which they kindly let us help them sample for free! Customer knows best!). My Mum has Frankie on Mondays whilst I work so I am fully expecting her to take advantage of Monday coffee mornings!

I am absolutely delighted that we’ve found Cheeky Monkeez and I cannot wait to come back, for Frankie’s age group 2-6, it is a perfect enclosed environment that I can enjoy a coffee, sit back and gossip with my mummy friends while he wanders about freely enjoying himself! & we can’t wait to celebrate his birthday there!

p.s. they have a Halloween Event on Tuesday 30th October 11-1pm, details below:

Cheeky Monkeez – Facebook

Cheeky Monkeez – Website

Cheeky Monkeez, 23 Heralds Way, South Woodham Ferrers, Essex, CM3 5TQ



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