toucanBox is described on their webiste as a flexible subscription encouraging crafting, creativity and learning in children aged 3-8

I recently ordered a toucanBox for Frankie after signing up to OhMyDosh! and choosing the incentive to earn £1.25 from signing up to receive a free box. Upon entering his details it flagged up that the toucanBox is aimed at children 3-8 but I still decided to go ahead and order seeing as Frankie will be 3 in November. I only paid £2 delivery as the box was free and it came within four days of ordering.


Its packaged in blue cardboard with pictures on and Frankie’s name, which I thought was a lovely personal touch. The kit contained:

  • Royal Crown & Finger Puppets – Activity Kit
  • Nature Bag – Activity Kit
  • Sticker sheet
  • Sticker Chart
  • toucanBox Magazine
  • Colouring Pencils
  • toucanPerks for the grown-ups envelope
  • Referral postcard

The Activity Kits both come with a ‘how to guide’ & the contents of the kit included except from scissors of course! We made up the Royal Crown & Finger Puppets and Frankie decided to keep it on his head for the majority of the afternoon! It was easy to make & we had fun doing it together and colouring in the puppets. We haven’t yet done the Nature Bag kit.

Each activity kit has a sticker in which you put on your Sticker Chart, which is included in the toucanBox. Each sticker on the chart corresponds to points which you build up to claim prizes on your account on the website. You can claim different prizes including a yo-yo, bubble gun, skipping rope and more, they’re all on the website under your account, then claim prizes. I thought this chart was a really good idea for children to put on their bedroom wall and collect so they can visibly see how far they off a new prize and track their Activity Kits.

toucanBox magazine has lots of different learning activities to fill out, colour in, stories and experiments, ours had homemade ice cream which we are planning on making together at the weekend! Frankie is a on the younger spectrum so the magazine didn’t excite him but an older child would love it!


toucanPerks for the grown-ups included a helloFresh voucher, honestbrew voucher and a Trotters childrenwear voucher.

With every box comes a referral code to give to friends so they can claim their own free toucanBox and they can then refer friends to try toucanBox and so forth. My referral code is REBECCA-D8BN, use on sign up to claim your free toucanBox!

If you want to earn money online and an extra £1.20 just for ordering your first free box with toucanBox, make sure you sign up to OhMyDosh! then use the link below to find toucanBox on their website. OhMyDosh! link to toucanBox

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Although Frankie is the younger spectrum of the 3-8 recommended age to receive a toucanBox we thoroughly enjoyed spending a good hour on creating out crafts using our activity boxes and we are looking forward to our next box coming!

Adults shouldn’t be the only ones that benefit from a monthly subscription box and I love that toucanBox have created an activity box that brings adult&child together. In a world where we are on our phones it was nice to sit down and craft with Frankie.

I hope that come Halloween / Christmas the boxes are themed Activity Kits!

Click the link below for your first free toucanBox.

I’d love to know what you think!

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