Frankie & The Orchiopexy Operation

Frankie & The Orchiopexy Operation

Following our pre-op appointment at Colchester Hospital, Frankie’s & the pre-op, the two weeks following flew past and before I knew it was op day for Frankie! We took him to Southend-On-Sea to Adventure Island, Southend on Sea the night before so we could enjoy the rides and eat sugary doughnuts and salty chips in the hope that he wouldn’t be ravenous by the morning as he couldn’t have any food past 2am, or any drink past 6am.

We had to be at the hospital for 7:30am, as we are about a 45 minute drive I set my alarm for 5:30am so I could have a shower, try to rouse Frankie early so he could have a drink before the 6am cut off and pack his bag with spare pjs and sweeties for afterwards.

Frankie LOVES his food and his juice, anyone that knows him will vouch that my boy loves to eat and when hungry he is a cross between Dog the Bounty Hunter and Tomcat in ‘Tom and Jerry’ hunting for the mouse! I had a near-on panic attack when I went to get his shoes, came back and he had found a discarded salt and vinegar french frie crisp on his table in the lounge! Luckily I wacked it away before it could touch his lips!

We got to the hospital and was explained that as the youngest on the ward he would be taken down first thing, they put magic cream on his hands to put in a canular and let him play in the play room for a bit whilst the anaesthetists came round to check his observations to ensure he was fit for surgery.

His consultant came round and saw us and an hour later it was time! Despite convincing myself I wouldn’t be strong enough to go down with Frankie and watch him get put to sleep I couldn’t let him go without me so I decided to suck it up and be with him! The anaesthetists were amazing with him, he kept asking about Doctor Ranj and singing and they were more than happy to help sing along and distract him whilst they put the canluar in. He didn’t cry or complain once, they got it in easily and he didn’t even notice, they told me to give him a kiss and once I had, he was soundo just like that! I was ushered out of the room but couldn’t help looking back on my baby laying there and then the tears came! But for everyone that knows me knows that I am an emotional wreck so holding it together for him, I feel like I outdone myself!

We were told the operation can take up to an hour and a half and let us go and get a coffee and something to eat, which I just couldn’t, I just wanted to sit next to his little bed and wait for him to come back to me! After almost two hours gone we were called and told he was in recovery on the way back and all had been a success!

He finally was wheeled back, limp and fast asleep but I was so scared to even touch him I just stroked his hair! We were told he would be drowsy and not with it from the anaesthetic and after an hour when he finally stirred he was flopping around like a rag doll!

We were allowed to leave once he had something to eat and drink & once he came round properly he was eating sweets like there was no tomorrow, he had jelly & ice cream (which he usually hates!) and drunk 7 cups of juice! He must of felt so deprived! Haha. I bought him a Moana activity pack and we did a bit of colouring when he wasn’t so groggy.

The nurses on the Colchester Elective Care Unit are all lovely, nothing was too much for them, they were constantly interacting with the children and parents and the whole experience was relaxed from start to finish they put us at ease and were excellent with Frankie.

We were allowed home at around 1pm and got back for 2pm with a ‘Honky Donalds’ treat for him for being a brave boy! Both sets of Nannies and Grandads visited as well as his Auntie, Great Auntie and Cousins who all couldn’t believe how well he seemed, jumping around to Moana and eating all the treats they’d brought in for him!

Unfortunately the next few days he ran a fever and came down with an infection so after ringing 111 we were advised to into Basildon A&E who were excellent, we were seen within minutes of arriving and sent home with antibiotics after just two hours & he got a teddy! All of the rooms on A&E have sensory lighting in and TV’s for the children with Cbeebies and films on. The A&E department at Basildon has been refurbed by the Polly Parrot Appeal.  Donations are always welcome to help maintain and buy new toys. – Polly Parrot Appeal – Just Giving


He went back to nursery this week, we were advised 8-10 days with no physical contact with other children, just in case of banging into that area and impact. He also went to two parties with bouncy castles at the weekend and was absolutely fine.

Our bright little bugs is back to normal now, with a cheeky attitude of course.. (with two balls and a slight scar!).

I am so glad it’s all over with and hopefully when we go for our six week checkup everything is still where it’s meant to stay!

Thank you so much to Colchester Elective Care Unit for looking after us & to Basildon A&E for acting so quickly with Frankie.


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