Money, Money, Money

Money, Money, Money

“Money, money, money, must be funny, in a rich man’s world”

We are all out to earn some extra money where we can, selling old clothes on eBay, taking used toys to the bootsale, posting on Facebook Marketplace, googling ‘how to make money from home’ or panicking on maternity leave that you can’t make ends meet.

With Christmas on the horizon and budgets tightening, have a look below at some of the websites I use every day to make a bit extra on the side. I’m not talking £1000s or even £100s unless you commit a lot of time into these websites, more than I do anyway.. Nor am I  saying that you will can get rich overnight by using these websites, but there is money to be made online by doing surveys, product reviews and signing up to different free trials online and the websites below aren’t half as annoying as some of the other bollocksy links you will be fooled into clicking on to win a £500 free amazon gift card only to come face to face with the back end of a porn website which will now send you hourly emails asking you to come back!

Click link under each picture to get onto each website & sign up! Simples!

Pick My Postcode!

You sign up with your postcode and email address & will receive one email a day inviting you to check the different draws on the website as per below – draws

The website is funded by advertising and pop ups so there are a lot of adverts but they don’t crash your phone or PC. The postcodes are generated each day with a chance to win the daily prize pot which is a different amount each day. You receive a ‘bonus’ on top of anything you earn from your postcode coming up in the draws which can be added to by ‘loyalty’, checking the site daily and referrals, referring other friends to use the site.

I’ve personally won over £20 using this website for six months so far, it doesn’t cost anything to sign up & it doesn’t spam you either!

Pick my postcode

Sign Up to – Pick My Post Code

My favourite survey site, the surveys average from 5 minutes up to 35 minutes, dependent on as fast as you can get through the questions. The amount you gain from each survey differs dependent on the outsource who produces the survey and the survey content and length.

The more you define your profile, the more surveys you will be invited to take part in.


You can cash out once your amount gets to £10 and the money gets paid directly into you within 3 days. I do surveys as and when I can on my phone, a majority have to be done on the PC for bigger amounts. If you are screened out of a survey you are also entered into a prize draw with a chance to win more cash. I’ve cashed out over £50 in the past year from carrying out surveys and I actually enjoy doing them.


Sign Up to –


I like YouGov UK but the questions and surveys can get repetitive. It works on a points system e.g. 5,000 points = £50 and you can also submit points into a prize draw each month to win cash and prizes.

There are lots of quickfire surveys and questions on YouGov and the surveys vary from 25 points + per survey based on the longevity and the question types. I’ve only cashed out once on £50 which took me around 7 months of sparsely carrying out surveys to achieve, the more you put in the more you’ll get out! No ads too which is win win!


Sign Up to – YouGov UK


I recently signed up to OhMyDosh! which has only been running since Feb2018. The theory is to sign up to different free trials/websites/survey sites to win cash in your pot. You can cash out after £10.

In my first week I got to £10 just by signing up, confirming my email address, referring two friends and signing up to a free Graze box trial. There are chances to sign up to other survey sites, enter prize draws on other sites with the amount you can claim under each offer. You can ‘earn dosh’ by not even spending a penny too, the list is below of the different categories.

Again you can earn money by referring friends, they will receive £1 bonus for being referred and so will you.

ohmydosh 1graze

You can earn the most money for your ‘dosh pot’ under gambling and signing up to different sites, which I haven’t yet done.


Sign Up to – OhMyDosh!


I have recently downloaded this app onto my iPhone and you earn tokens from snapping pictures of your receipts in the last 7 days, it is as easy as that.. There are also ‘scratchcards’ and surveys to carry out on the app which are more recurrent the more you snap your receipts!

If the receipts are more than 7 days old they won’t be accepted, I have literally put on every receipt from the food shop, to buying trainers to a 79p cheese in M&S and they’ve all been approved. After just 4 days use I have 475 tokens and you need:

  • 3200 tokens to unlock £5
  • 6000 tokens to unlock £10
  • 11,500 tokens to unlock £20

Theoretically if I carry on for the next 10 days I could be well on my way to a £5.00 PayPal or Love2Shop voucher!

Use referral code BLP7121E to gain 200 tokens just for signing up and snapping your first receipt!

Image result for shoppix

The Best of the Rest

I always love to use:

  • eBay, for bundling up Frankie’s old clothes that isn’t in the best of conditions
  • Depop, for my ‘nice’ clothes that I’ve usually spent £40+ on to wear once and never wear again
  • Facebook Marketplace, for ‘branded toys’ e.g. Paw Patrol/Thomas, or Next/Zara+ upmarket clothes of Frankie’s
  • Martin Lewis’s, weekly money saving email for tips upcoming
  • MyVoucherCodes, who wants to pay full price these days!?

#thetwentyishmum x

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*by signing up to PickMyPostcode and OhMyDosh! and Shoppix you are using links that I and you will benefit from a referral fee*

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