Adventure Island, Southend on Sea

Adventure Island, Southend on Sea

The night before Frankie’s operation, Frankie’s & the pre-op, we knew he would be ‘out of action’ for a few weeks and all impact would need to be avoided to ‘that area’ for a few weeks so I decided to leave his routine for one night and take him up to Southend to visit the rides and arcades for the night!

I’ve been going to Adventure Island (Peter Pans for those that know) since I was young, it has evolved since I started going, the rides are a lot faster & more advanced but they still have some old favourites including the Crooked House which has stood for years! Southend has recently come under fire in the news for heightened rates of homelessness and crime and I noticed there was a lot of security dotted around the park which in this day and age I suppose should be expected unfortunately!

We got to Southend at 5ish & had to pay £2.90 for an hours parking as it’s free after 6pm 7 days a week, (schoolboy error) and took Frankie into the arcades and won some tickets to get him sweets & slime until 6pm came as it’s half price wristbands for the rides.

For a red ride wristband it’s usually £20 but after 6pm was only £10 and an adult can ride free with them. Frankie had his height done & was given a wristband and we were given a park guide outling where the rides were that Frankie could go on. You can buy in advance online to save money too or just buy tickets if you aren’t sure if your little ones will like the rides as it is free admission to the park you just play to ride. Adventure Island – Opening Times & Prices



Adventure Island – The Rides


A little ride that shows scenes of nursery tales in bear scenes, Frankie likes it and they play music.

American Whip

One of my favourite rides at Adventure Island, there are pictures of me only a bit older than Frankie on this & he loves it too, goes round and literally ‘whips’ you round the two bends. We both laughed our heads off.

Big Wheel

Didn’t go on it this visit so picture is of a previous time, it was getting darker and colder by the time we got to it but it’s a great way of seeing the views over the sea.

Choo Choo Train

Obviously Frankie’s favourite being the train geek he is, bit rickety but goes round in a circle and he loves it.

Crooked House

Didn’t know if we would get on this one and he definently wasn’t sure the first time we walked round but after a few walks round he started thinking it was hilarious and there are scenes of bears going to bed, brushing teeth etc. although I was disappointed they got rid of the men with the big noses if anyone else remembers them!

Flying Jumbos

Elephants that go round and jump up and down, we didn’t go on this one as Frankie got scared last minute but it wasn’t fast.

Jumping Jolly Rogers

Plays ‘pirate’ music and the boats jump up and down for a small part of the circuit, again lots of laughs from Frankie!


I don’t know if this is an old ride, or in progress but the stairs leading to it were shut off.

Helter Skelter

We live on a second floor flat which Frankie point blank refuses to climb most days but he managed to stroll happily eight times up and down the helter skelter slide which he loved!

Magic Monsters

No idea why this is magic monsters because they’re definently dinosaurs but it’s a sweet ride & the man conducting it was very enthusiastic with Frankie which he loved roaring and grizzling as he went round.

Viking Boats

The first ride we went on, Frankie liked that it was on water and he kept saying he could see fishes too!


Adventure Island – Inside

Dune Buggies

I loved these, they’re at the back of the arcades indoors and they jump up and down as you drive round.


Who doesn’t love a musical carousel?

The Play Stack

Play Pod

We didn’t go in The Play Stack or Play Pod as it was late and we wanted to eat but the softplay is unreal in Adventure Island, it’s four storeys and full of things to do, so if you are going to go make a day of it and it’s so worth getting a wristband to take advantage of the rides and softplay together which I didn’t realise included entry to both!

Game Card & Arcades

All of the arcade games in Adventure Island need a ‘game card’ to play on which are purchased from the desks inside. I have one which I topped up last time we went so it stays in my purse, if you top up £20 you get £5 free so it is worth it and I like the idea of it as I never carry change on me.

Pictures from a previous visit as he was just too busy on them all!


There are lots of food places dotted around, fish & chips, doughnuts, candy floss, burgers etc. What you would expect from a theme park on the seaside! We got an ice cream and some doughnuts which were £1 each and really nice (& bad for you but so nice!)


The ride attendants are mostly young students I am guessing and they’re all extremely over-enthusiastic on the red rides (not sure if they high five and make dinosaur noises on the bigger rides..) and really help get the kids excitable for the ride and throughout they dance and sing. Like I mentioned before the man on the Magic Monsters sung baby shark with him and did noises and really made him laugh!

Thanks Adventure Island, I’ll be back soon & hopefully I can get a blue wristband for myself next time! I definently need to take advantage of living only 15 minutes to our nearest theme park!

Adventure Island – Website

Sunken Garden, Western Esplanade, Southend on Sea, Essex, SS1 1EE

Frankie’s face when we had to go home!



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