360 Play, Basildon

360 Play, Basildon

Bank Holiday Monday me & Frankie were at a loose end so I decided to take us to 360 Play at Festival Leisure Park up the road from us and we wasn’t disappointed! I had been put off going before as I had gone in when Frankie was around 1 before he could walk, and for me, him & my cousin I thought it was too expensive so I thought I’d wait until he got older and I am so glad we did because we had SO much fun!

We got there around 9:30am and despite being Bank Holiday it wasn’t that busy, I paid £3.50 for me & £7.95 for Frankie’s entry and a one off entry fee of £5 was charged to register for future use. I was offered the use of a locker but as I only had his backpack with no cash in just crisps, socks, pants & wipes, I decided to take our shoes off and leave the bag on the tables and chairs by the entrance. 360 Play – Prices

As you first walk in to the left of you there is a ‘lake’ with hand-manoeuvred boats that you can row up around, Frankie bee-lined for the outdoors and was given a life jacket to put on, we got in our little boat and rowed around. There are around 5-10 boats I can imagine when it’s busy it’s a bit congested though we didn’t have this problem as there wasn’t a queue the man was happy for us to row about. We went on the boats a further 6 or 7 times, Frankie couldn’t get enough!

The softplay frame is absolutely humungous! It reaches from the bottom of 360 right up to the top and has many levels including, giant slides, ball zones, spinning bags, curling slides, net bridges, Perspex floorings and more! There are lifts and stairs leading up to the top level of 360 but every time we decided to go in the softplay zone to reach the top and come back down on the slides. It is exceptionally clean for how big it is which I was really surprised at! There aren’t many softplays around that I can say the same for! Frankie loved climbing through the tunnels and going down the slides. Also, the ballpit has the machines that make the balls fly in the air and whizz through the tubes and they all worked too!

At the bottom of the softplay frame there are dodgems and a small round track too that Frankie was too small to go on alone but I went on and we whizzed round together. There are set timings so once your time is up you get out the car it must of been around 5ish minutes but felt like we were on them ages! Again we was allowed to stay on and enjoy them as there were no queues.

There’s an interactive ‘sports bar’ area on the right of the lower level of the softplay frame too with ping pong tables, foosball & bar stools which I thought was great for older kids, there was a group of 8-9 year olds in there having fun but we didn’t go in obviously as it was too old for Frankie.

As you climb to the top of the softplay frame there is a climbing wall at the entrance to ‘360 Street’ which again had a height limit but there was a staff member there helping guiding taller/older kids to the top!

‘360 Street’ is honestly one of the best places and days me and Frankie have been to together! It’s a role-play focused zone with different places to visit including a post office, pizzeria, fire station, boutique shop with outfits, school, vets, fire station, car garage, grocery shop and lego area. The thought that has gone into each area is especially attentive to detail e.g. the pizzeria had different recipes and areas to stack the pizzas and the shop had a shopping list to pick up the items and put in the baskets so we were never short of things to do.

We spent the majority of our time in 360 driving the fire truck, cooking pizzas, playing shop & postmans  and Frankie also loved the lego area building & the ‘make an impression’ walls. What I absolutely loved about 360 is the workers walk around and tidy up when a group of children were done, of course they didn’t interfere with a children’s game but they walked about hanging the clothes back up, tidying the lego and restoring the shops so the children coming in could resume their own imaginative games.

In 360 Street there is also a carousel that plays music with different cars, trucks and animals to ride in as well as another softplay frame designed for under 4’s with a smaller slide, ballpit and soft-stack area which was also extremely clean!

Downstairs there is a messy play area with a lady supervising and aprons for the kids to put on so they don’t wreck their clothes, they were making bookmarks and masks to return to school with and they also had painting set out too with bowls of pasta, foil and paper to PVA onto their creations.

The party area is also downstairs and was set up for different parties, I have had a look over the website on the parties as I am starting to think forward to Frankie’s 3rd Birthday in November and the prices are so reasonable and also include food! 360 Play – Parties

An annual play pass for 12 months is £125.00 for x1 child and x1 adult which works out around £10 per month for unlimited play. I’ve mentioned it to Frankie’s grandparents as a potential birthday present as at that price it’ll save so much in the long run than paying £11.45 each time to go & we can come and go as we please! 360 Play – Passes

We were so busy we didn’t actually stop to eat (and I had a roast in the oven at home) but I saw other people order and eating and the food looked nice enough and the prices are standard with what you’d expect to pay but if I go again I’d definently want to share the hot platter with a friend! 360 Play – Food and Drink

Unfortunately for us the outdoor area was shut off as the weather wasn’t great but there was a big play area with a slide, netted bridge etc. as well as a sandpit and outside shops including an ice cream parlour but I’d love to go back when it’s open to explore outdoors!

360 Play gets a huge 10/10 for me, I am so glad I decided to go we spent 4 hours exploring and playing together and despite getting my phone out clearly to take the pictures, it was so lovely to run around and act child-like with my little boy, role-play & watch him play and learn in the different areas and sections.

A HUGE plus is that everything is included, the boats, the dodgems, carousel too and there are NO £1 machines ANYWHERE & I really hope you never ever introduce them either!

Well done 360 Play, we can’t wait to come back soon!

360 Play – Website

Festival Leisure Park, Festival Way, Basildon, SS14 3WB



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