I honestly can’t remember the last time I had my hair cut or coloured, I don’t think it was even this year and what are we in August? I am sure it was this time last year maybe even longer than that! My split ends have split ends and what was once a full balyayge is now a more of a mirage of a dodgy dip dye and my left and right side are literally about two inches different in length.

My eyebrows are ALWAYS in need of plucking, my skin always looks dull & tired and I only remember to shave my legs if I need to e.g. night out, beach day..

Pre-Frankie I boasted HD brows every six weeks, LVL lashes every 8-10 weeks, fresh acrylics every 3-4 weeks without fail & enjoyed sunbeds 1-2 times a week. During pregnancy I worked up until I was 36 weeks pregnant and remember getting my brows and lashes done the week I went on maternity so I was ‘fresh’ for labour (not that there is anything fresh about that experience!), cue maternity leave I barely had enough money spare to buy nail varnish let alone get a fresh set! But I of course had the funds to pay for six weeks of Baby Sensory, an eight week swimming course and dungarees with bunny rabbits on that I would soon learn as he grew that Frankie skipped sizes being the chunk he was and would wear literally once! & of course I would mean to put them on Marketplace and never did so all those lovely outfits now sit folded in big market bags in the loft.

I never used to be ‘high maintenance’ but I didn’t have to think about the £25 on a set of nails or the £30 spent on curling my eyelashes. That is £55 that I now spend on extortionate comics, lunches that never get finished and £1 plastic tat sitting in my car footwell.

Now I only treat myself to those pampering luxuries come my birthday and holidays, I miss laying having my eyelashes curled for 40 minutes in peace & choosing a colour for my nails every 3 weeks. I consider putting a face mask on, shaving my legs and using exfoliating beads on my knees and elbows (if Frankie doesn’t jump in too) a spa session these days.

I look at old pictures of myself and I don’t really look that much different apart from the bags that I permanently have had under my eyes since the day Frankie came into the world but I do miss having the money to treat myself more than I do now!

Frankie doesn’t need new toys every month or new bedding, stick on arrows for the wall or train shaped juice cups but buying him all of that is just so much more fun than treating myself but I WILL get my hair done, this lopsided mop has got to go!


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