The Great Baddow Barn, Chelmsford

The Great Baddow Barn, Chelmsford

Today a friend suggested lunch out because the diabolical rain stopped our plans of the park & we didn’t fancy a busy soft play especially as it’s the 6 weeks holiday and big kids are EVERYWHERE!

So we decided to try the Great Baddow Barn as we’d heard good things and we wasn’t disappointed!

We turned up at 11am & it was torrential raining so we ran in, found the soft play & bundled the kids in, it was extremely clean, not huge, slide & softplay, the boys are only 2.5 and they loved it!

We sat down on the table directly next to the softplay to keep an eye on them, but there are booths in the ‘kids’ area surrounding the softplay with TV’s showing CBeebies & BBC which I thought was such a good idea to get kids out the softplay and to the table when their dinner comes! Especially as Doctor Ranj 👨🏾‍⚕️was on the TV as we got in so Frankie was extremely happy!

We ordered off the ‘two meals for £10’ menu, I had lasagne & my friend had Mac & Cheese, it’s a Hungry Horse restaurant, so the food isn’t 5* quality but it was tasty, hot & we wasn’t waiting long at all for it. The garlic bread was actually really nice too.

Frankie is a big eater, so I ordered him mac & cheese off the ‘over 8’s menu’ (mostly because he had a white t-shirt & I didn’t want him having tomato pasta off the ‘under 8’s menu 😂) it came with garlic bread & a corn on the cob which he polished down. I paid £1.50 extra & he got a fruit shoot & pud too, chocolate brownies, which I thought was really reasonable.

The only problem we had whilst there was a mix-up of my friend’s little boy’s order but it was changed within 5 minutes of letting them know when it came out & it was the tomato pasta which was also really nice & a massive portion.

Of course there were plenty of my favourite bastard £1 machines, I managed to come out £5 lighter than I did going in on plastic tat which is either on the floor of my car or lost on the manic run from the rain to the car but it keeps them happy so needs must!

There was an outdoor park area too but we couldn’t access it as it was POURING down outside but it looked quite big and the beer garden looked nice so would definently love to go back on a hot day!

All in all I paid £13 for my meal, a large Diet Coke & Frankie’s meal (& plastic tat on top) which I would easily pay at a softplay centre more for playtime, snacks or a meal & I preferred being able to hear my friend & have a chat and a decent meal than a soggy panini and flat coke!

We have a local Hungry Horse to us with a softplay which is closer but I despise going there, it’s dirty & full of rowdy children every time I’ve gone so I don’t mind driving an extra 10 minutes to this one!

It was 15 minutes from Wickford, The Great Barn – Website website link.

We will definently be going back soon! It’s perfect for birthday dinners for entertaining the kids and decent meals!

The gin menu also looked good 🖤😉


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