Legoland, Windsor

Legoland, Windsor

Spur of the moment me & a friend decided to go to Legoland for the day, someone was selling tickets on Facebook for the next day so we decided to bundle the two kids in the car and head to Windsor! Up & out @ 8am BAM!

We got to Legoland for 10ish, no queue to get in (£6 for parking! Prime example of extortion but what can you do?!) we headed down the hill and took in the Lego surroundings, I couldn’t believe how clean it is! I never once saw anyone litter picking or maintenance but everywhere was spotless!

Raft Racers

10minute queue, Frankie also wet himself as he was so excited to get in, figured he’d be getting wet once we got on the ride so you know, go figure. We both got in the raft which goes relatively fast round twist and turns down the hill, got partially wet, Frankie loved it, only downside walking back up the hill to get the buggy left next to the ride!

Duplo Valley Airport

Waited 5-10 minutes to get on, I can vividly remember going on these when I was younger with my Dad and cousins, Frankie loved making them go up and down and turning them around. Heathrow is so close the planes fly right above you at Legoland so F loved making plane noises and squealing when they came over.

Duplo Train

As you know, Frankie is a train geek, he was playing in the park when he realised there was a ‘steam train’. The queue took forever to go down, he literally wet himself (again) with how excited he was to get on. He was playing up because he wanted to get on it so much and no one took the front carriage so I asked if he could go on solo as he was over the height limit and here he is, as happy as a pig in shit! Happy little train spotted he is. 🚂


The park area next to the Splash World was good at keeping the kids entertained while we had some lunch, Frankie liked the fire truck and police car the best!

Desert Chase

No queue, A typical horse carousel but slower, the horses need a lick of paint but Frankie liked it although I picked literally the only horse to put him on that doesn’t go up and down!

Thunder Blazer

5-10 minutes wait. Swings that go round and round and round and round (Mummy felt extremely sick on this one)! Frankie was so brave I can’t believe he went on it, there was space for him to go on it before without me but I was worried he would freak out but he loved it!

The Hill Train

No wait on this one, it does what it says goes up the hill! Frankie loved it obviously as it’s a TRAIN! We didn’t realise it was only a one way trip up and down we thought it went round the park but it didn’t. When we reached the top, which had no queue myself, two kids, two buggies & my pregnant friend were made to get off, walk back down and around to the beginning of the ride to get back on the same carriage as told by the stroppy ride attendant that ‘those were the rules’. Though later on we were on the Fairytale Brook ride and were allowed to stay in our boat with the kids and go round twice more!

Coastguard HQ

15-20 minutes wait. Frankie loved this one, he got to steer the boat, which he was absolutely shit at, we crashed a LOT & he went himself again.. twice.. but our luck was in another water ride 😂. It was different to a typical car driving ride, Frankie was too young for the Driving School (3-6 years) but I know he’ll love it when he’s older!

Fairytale Brook

The cutest ride in the whole park! Lego characters of Snow White, Aladdin, Cinderella, Hansel & Gretel in a boat on a river. We were lucky there wasn’t a queue and it was nice to sit down after a day queuing on our feet!! (No pictures battery died but it’s a must do!)

Sky Rider

5 minutes queue. Lego shaped cars on a mono-rail that circulates round, you can see the whole park and mini-world and Frankie loved pointing out all of the little figures and houses! We would of gone round again but we needed to get on the road!


We took a packed lunch, thank god, we couldn’t believe the food prices £5.60 for a Rollover hot dog & £2.90 for an ice lolly! It was so hot we decided to buy an £8.90 refillable fizzy drink bottle which was less than a litre so really small for the price, there weren’t enough ‘refillable’ stations that you could do yourself and the queues for all the food and drink stands were ridiculously busy so it was a nightmare but we needed the quench! The prices at main theme parks/attractions for food and drink is closed market so they can charge extortionate prices but it makes an expensive day out for families of 2+ children if your buying lunch for everyone! We got a McDonald’s on the way home!

Everything Else

Lego Reef was fun, you made a Lego fish on the iPad, chose its colour, then once you’ve finished it it swims onto the huge screen & you can feed it and follow it. Frankie loved swiping the Lego pieces onto the fishes!

Miniland, once Frankie realised he couldn’t climb over the railings, was cute to look at but a 2 year old wanting to grab the cars hard to look for long, I’ll give it a few more visits until he appreciates it!

Fire Academy, queue was too long so next time I would try and get to that one first!

Brickville, the park mentioned before with the fire station and police station, also has a fairy castle!

Heart lake City Express was out of action, Frankie the tank engine gutted but there’s always next time!

I got Frankie a Duplo bus in the Lego store on the way out for £3.99, if he decides he loves Lego I’ll buy the £19.99 train but until then, he can enjoy the bus!

We didn’t get time to do Drench Towers, by the time we circulated back to the Splash Park the kids were ratty and twatty so we decided to leave it and get back on the M25 to Essex before we hit rush hour traffic (which we still did but hey ho the McDonald’s was worth it!)

There were shows & pantomimes on at different times throughout the day which we missed but from catching the tail ends looked good!

The toilets were clean too, the baby rooms have a toddler pull down seat too (not that Frankie used it he decided going in his pants all day was appropriate)


We spent £30 the whole day including coffees, parking & my extortionate coke, I loved it, so did Frankie & we can’t wait to go back once the school holidays are over!

Tip – download the app for live waiting times for each ride! Great idea!


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