10 things I now know about Potty Training

10 things I now know about Potty Training
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  1. Poo goes EVERYWHERE. You will get poo in places you didn’t know possible.. (back of your ear, behind your knees, you get the picture)
  2. You will experience a joy like no other when your child does that first poo on the potty (& still forget the date to put in their milestone book)
  3. The joy soon turns to disgust when you realise poo doesn’t quite slide off a potty the way it slides off their bum and you are heaving every time you clear it up
  4. You will fight with your frugal self not to throw every pair of pants partly soiled but soon realise that you are spending more time cleaning the pants than they actually are wearing the pants
  5. The sound of your own voice will bother like you like never before, even your ears are bored of hearing your high shrilled voice exclaim ‘do you need the potty?’, ‘do you need wee wees?’, ‘oop you done a pop, does that mean you need a poo!?’, every two minutes.
  6. You can turn any song into a wee/poo rhythm and you will start questioning why you aren’t a song writer
  7. The bottom half of your child’s close will hang off of them once the bulky nappy is replaced with slimline pants/knickers making everything they wear hang awkwardly
  8. You will spend more time worrying if they’ve had an accident in their sleep than you will actually sleeping
  9. The smell of wee lingers a lot longer than the smell of poo does (or is this a boy thing?!)
  10. You’ll finally think you’ve cracked it, then they’ll shit on the carpet or piss down your leg whilst giving you a cuddle

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