Potty Training FAIL

Potty Training FAIL

So.. 5 days into my ‘go hard or go home’ approach, I have thrown more pants than Frankie now owns, cleaned up more poo than a Farmer does mucking out a pigsty & heaved more than I have in my whole life.

Our starter day Wednesday proved an anti-climax, I was so excited he had done poo on the potty all by himself I thought we had it in the bag. I decided to put him in a nappy for our 2 hour car ride to Camber Sands in case we didn’t make time for a service stop, at the services he done a poo, which was fine I wasn’t engaging the potty.. Upon arrival at Camber and a change into pants he wet himself twice and let it leak down his leg, he was so excited to play in the parks and do the mini disco I gave up and put him into a nappy as I didn’t think it was fair to keep stopping him mid-way through the party songs to ask if he needed a wee. Pontins, Camber Sands

Thursday, he was dry when he woke, no ounce of anything in his nappy (PRAISE BE), put him in pants and he did a wee in the potty, WIN. We went swimming and I put a swim nappy on ( I didn’t want a repeat of the evacuated pool in Morocco, for a refresh of ‘that incident read – Aqua Mirage – Our 2018 Holiday) we got back to the room and put him in pants and despite repeatedly asking if he needed to go he pooed through, again, another pair chucked. I decided to stick a nappy on him again for the evening activities but every 10 minutes he was convinced I needed to take him to the toilet because he had done a poo.. He hadn’t.. He waited until we got back to the room to go through yet another pair of shorts..

Friday, hometime nappy on for the car, when we got home I put him straight back into pants at Nannie’s house and he did a wee on the potty.. Then hysteria struck, as it was hot I let him roam free in the garden until he started shrieking saying he had done a poo, I looked, no poo, he turned his back and there it was hanging out until it dropped onto the decking, thanks for clearing that one up Nannie! He was so upset I put a nappy back on him and he started crying he didn’t want to be a big boy anymore.

Saturday, he had another dry night (most of it clearly came out on the decking the previous day, pants on him, you guessed it, within the hour, another pair of pants destroyed, no fucks given. He had a softplay party so I admitted defeat and put on a nappy which he was very happy about. We got home and put him back in pants & he did a few successful wees on the potty but no more poo.

Sunday, another dry night, we went out to our local fire station to their open day and as he hadn’t done a poo since the previous lunchtime I put a nappy on him as we were going to be out a few hours. We went to Nannie’s house for dinner and he done a poo in the potty again by himself, praise and lollies given! He demanded more pants on so a fresh pair went on. Within an hour he was in the garden playing football with Grandad, he turned to get the ball and there was a brown mark in his white pants, I asked if he forgot to tell me, I asked why he didn’t use the potty again, but he got upset again so I didn’t push it. Bath, story and bed now in his pants..

& that’s where we are up to, out of 16 pairs of pants I have half left (I know you can rinse them out but I just cannot face it) .. I am clearly not being pushy enough or he’s just not ready?! Potty training veterans, advice pls? Where am I going wrong? Or does he just enjoy the look of horror on my face when he does yet another poo?




  1. October 28, 2018 / 8:23 pm

    Ah no I’m starting this tomorrow 🙈 it’s so hard isn’t it but eventually just clicks and that’s it no looking back!! Xx

    • October 29, 2018 / 9:28 am

      Once it’s done, it’s done! But it definently takes a little while for it to click in! xx

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