Do you ever feel like time is against you no matter what you do?

  • Trying to find time to see everyone you want to see in a week
  • Trying to find time to lose weight or go to the gym
  • Trying to find time to make up dinners for the week
  • Trying to find time to wash your hair
  • Trying to find time to put the washing away
  • Trying to find time to defrost the freezer
  • Trying to find time to get child to parties on time
  • Trying to find time so you don’t have to keep rescheduling
  • Trying to find time for you
  • etc
  • etc
  • etc

I could honestly go on and on and this entire post would be things I am running out of time to do, juggling a child, job, child, bills, family, friends, etc etc. is fucking overwhelming & some weeks I can do it and others I don’t want to adult, I want to go have no responsibility just for a few hours focus on me!

I don’t want to go home and do the ironing, I would love to stop after work an ddown a glass of wine in a pub garden in the sunshine, but I can’t, I had to justify a £4.95 Leon wrap for lunch because I forgot my lunch this morning and didn’t have time to venture out, (£4.95 for a chicken wrap honestly!, was nice thought)

I want to lose the 3lbs that’s crept back on since coming back from holiday but I can’t find time to go the the gym let alone do much else.

I would like to put away the pile of clean ironing sitting on my dressing table stool that’s been there for a week but once I get home, get Frankie bathed, story time, ready for bed, wolf down dinner, shower and clear up I just cannot be bothered!

Wednesday we are going to Pontins in Camber Sands with my best friend and her little girl and judging by my current mood it couldn’t of come any sooner! Yep I have been there before, yep I know it’s no Center Parcs but we are going to drink wine, go to the beach, drink more wine, swim (not whilst on wine), dance to the macarena and eat cheap pizza for three days and I just cannot wait!


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