The White Horse, Ramsden Heath

Finding a decent park to go to with your kids is vital, finding a decent pub local to you is vital, finding a decent pub WITH a park is UNREAL!

The White Horse in Ramsden has everything a parent with kids needs, a good selection of alcohol, lagers, spirits, a reasonably priced delicious food menu, the lamb kofta pizzette is šŸ‘ŒšŸ¼ & the kids playground is huge!

Frankie loved manoeuvring the climbing frames, whizzing down the slides & playing in the smaller kids bit in the ‘train add carriages’. The whole space is well laid out and I love a wooden play area as oppose to metal!

It’s confined so I enjoyed a shandy in the sun without jumping up every two minutes & although I didn’t get Frankie any food as he’d already ate the menu is reasonably priced and well varied, there’s a menu for under 8’s and over 8’s. Main and a pudding for under Ā£6 is a great price for a good variety of foods!

They also have the bastard Ā£1 toy and sweet machines which of course I got conned for buying a paw patrol toy which obviously got lost on the way home as they all do!

It’s perfect for those summer evenings when you fancy a drink in the sun, those lazy Sundays when you don’t want to cook a roast & going with your Mummy friends to enjoy lunch in the sun whilst the kids play instead of a soggy softplay panini or a meal deal on a park bench.

Looking forward to going back soon and trying the evening dinner menu kid-free as well! šŸ“

Lunch menu, address and link to the website below šŸ‘‡šŸ¼x

The White Horse – Website

The White Horse, Ramsden Heath, CM111NA

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