Good Friends

Feeling reflective tonight, we went to a close friendā€™s ā€˜gender revealā€™ BBQ today & were talking baby showers/gender reveals and a few of us realised that a lot of the friends that came to our baby showers we are either no longer close with, they rarely bother with the baby in question or are no longer friends of mine. I still have a lot of the same friends since having Frankie, but many I no longer speak to, some were ones I would of said at the time would of been there the most for me and him but I was wrong, theyā€™ve missed him grow up & all his funny traits by choosing not to be in our lives. Other friends are busy with their lives, the same life I had before I had him, I donā€™t blame them that they donā€™t see as much of him as I know theyā€™d like to, if you donā€™t have children you could never contemplate how lonely it can be at times, one day theyā€™ll understand & close friends will never miss his birthday, his milestones and will like and comment on every picture that I share how amazing he is because they love him just as much as I do! šŸ’™

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