Packing List for a Toddler

Packing List for a Toddler

Packing to take a two year old anywhere is a task itself, packing to go on a weeks holiday is near on impossible! Trying to remember everything they may or may not need/want but here is my list of what I have packed for the ‘just in case’:

  • Nappies – I’ve allowed for four a day as for most of it they’re in their swim nappies!
  • Swim nappies – every time I have been abroad they have been extortionate, so don’t keep looking at them in the supermarket telling yourself you’ll get them nearer the time.. GRAB THEM!
  • Inflatables – cheaper than buying arm bands/rings/dolphins/giant unicorns abroad, downside – you have to blow them up!
  • Nappy sacks – nothing worse than discarded nappies around the pool!
  • Wipes – three packs of wipes for the week – one for the room, one for the buggy and another in the changing bag!
  • Comfort blanket/teddy – I have always taken my LB’s blanket when we go away and I don’t wash it before we go so it has our home scent on
  • Pillow case – I’ve also taken off his pillow case and taken it with us for extra comfort as I also think holiday sheets/pillow cases can be harder on your skin
  • All in one swim suits – I know that trunks and swimming costumes look extremely cute but depending on the country you are going to it won’t be so cute when you’ve been at the beach all day thinking they’re safe and you are in a foreign hospital treating your tot for third degree sun burns! Save them for the indoor pool! Mothercare and Next do a great range of swimming all in ones
  • ‘Swim shoes’ – not literal swim shoes but shoes they can wear all day that are easy to slip on and can avoid cutting their toe open on a chipped pool/rocky wall. I bought these jellies from Peacocks £5 easy peasy!
  • Hooded towel – so much easier to swaddle them up and dry them off in time for their nap and your baking time!
  • Factor 50 sun cream – (ALDI has been voted top sun cream this year for children’s protection)
  • Aloe vera – just in case of prickly heat
  • Savlon – just in case of bites
  • Mosquito bracelet – Boots do this one which I’ve picked up for our trip to Morocco, no idea if it works but I would rather he didn’t get bitten alive!
  • Calpol – it’s inevitable that kids get ill when your relaxing!
  • Piriton – in case of allergies hay fever, bites etc.
  • Plasters
  • Disinfectant hand gel – everywhere does this now I got two little bottles from Savers for round the pool
  • Sun hat – cap or a literal sun hat with the flaps down the back and sides, skin is most sensitive behind the ears and neck
  • Plate and bowl – for snacks in the room
  • Bottle – for milk
  • Snacks – organic of course (rainbow drops / biscuits / crisps)
  • Bottle of squash – foreign juice is either pure or just tastes a bit odd, you want to make sure they drink enough so take a bottle with you
  • Bath toys – one or two to keep them entertained in the bath
  • Bubble bath and shampoo
  • Childs Farm – 3 in 1 Swim a godsend when they get out of the pool for keeping their skin hydrated!
    Moisturiser – after a day in the sun and a bath so their skin doesn’t burn/dry out
  • Sandwich bags – sounds an odd one but for every time they are in the lounge, at a park, farm and they NEEEEEED that biscuit or packet of crisps and discard it seconds later.. That’s where the sandwich bag comes in, zip it up, stash it in your bag away from bees and other creatures! On the beach and they poo through their clothes and you’re a 20 minute walk from the hotel SANDWICH BAG.. Sticky clothes from the 6th lolly of the day SANDWICH BAG concealing it all in until you get back
  • Small pack of vanish/detergent – in case of previous accident you can soak the romper you spent too much money on to let them ruin it when you get back
  • Trunki – I love our trunki to pack all of his toys / books / snacks in for the plane and the room without taking up space in our cases!
  • Toys – let them pick 4-5 of their own toys to take with them (obviously monitor them, no point of taking Marshall without Chase or the fire engine without Fireman Sam and so forth) you don’t want to get to said destination and they create they have chosen incompletely!
  • Books – my LB loves to read before bedtime and in a new environment everything is unsettling, pick a few books to take to read on the plane and read before bed no matter what time they go down (even though the general idea is they OD on dancing to Big Fish Little Fish at the mini disco so you can enjoy the awful karaoke and Cliff Richard tribute in peace!)
  • Poundshop TAT – I spent £10 on different dinosaurs/colouring book/pens/sticker books/cars/playdough for the plane and room to give him every time he starts getting a bit agitated I’ll be that annoying lady on the plane ‘Guess what Mummy’s got!!’ big smiles big smiles!
  • Clothes – unlike us tots tend to soil/chuck up/mess/stain most things they wear within a two hour period so less is more will not work in this case! Based on a week’s holiday I will be taking:
    • Seven ‘evening’ outfits – they don’t seem to get as ‘f&ck&d as the daytime outfits but there is a lot of white and brights so I have doubled up on shorts that can step in as replacements!
    • Eight vests – easy to put in and out of during the day and for sleeping
    • Three sets of PJS
    • Four swimming all in ones
    • Two sets of trunks
    • Five T-shirts
    • Four pairs of shorts
    • Eight pairs of socks
    • A hoodie in case the temperature drops of an evening
    • X3 pairs of trainers
    • X1 pair of jellies
    • X1 pair of Havianas
    • A tracksuit to travel to and home in
    • & a handful of ‘just in case’ outfits of course!

Last but not least, a bottle of wine out of the airport duty free for yourself to get through the week ahead! (it won’t be that bad)


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