It’s Almost Holiday Time!

It’s Almost Holiday Time!

After what feels like a lifetime we are in single digits & I have already prepared my out of office signature to go on!

I’ve already laid out Frankie’s outfits so whilst I work these last three days this week no one attempts to create more washing for me by putting him in a ‘holiday outfit’! We went to Boots and bought a plethora of everything he could possibly need for a holiday abroad, swim nappies, mosquito bracelet, antiseptic cream, savlon, calpol etc etc. I am already panicking that the heat out in Marrakech at present is around the 34 mark, set to hit highs of 38 degrees when we are there so I endeavour to spend my entire holiday running after Frankie and lathering him in a thick sheet of factor 50.

I on the other hand, feel like a living Amish woman & totally unprepared, I’m without nails, overgrown (bikini & leg wax pending) and trying not to wear or use anything that I may want to pack ‘just in case’.

I always like to stand and match up outfits with shoes and jewellery a  few days before I pack so I don’t take too much (rephrase: try not to take too much I like to pack a few days before then repack and shove in 32 ‘just in case outfits and throwovers’ that I know I will never wear and haven’t in a good few years but can’t bear to throw out because you know.. just in case..) I do have a general idea of what I am taking and had a good spend up in Westfields at the weekend and bought some lovely new dresses/culotte jumpsuits!

Travel insurance has been bought, new suitcases have been purchased, new beach towels (80% thanks to House of Fraser for going into liquidation this week) we are checked in and everything has been printed out and stored in a punched pocket on our dining room table (hows that for organisation!).

Our flight going out is one of the first, 6:20am, I despise getting a flight past 12pm feels like a wasted day, but booking the earliest flight with a 2 year old isn’t that wise so we decided to stay in a hotel near the airport the night before to give Frankie a better sleep than being woken at 2:30am and bundled into the car!

I am thrilled this year as well as being on a new dreamliner plane with all modcons that Frankie will have his own seat *claps hands* I hope this will make for a happier plane journey unlike last years 6 hours on a horrendously small basic plane to Cape Verde we endured the toughest of parent conditions, we had a lot of tears throughout the flight and we were too bunched up to do anything about it which resulted in heavily worded emails when we got back! Morocco is around a 3.5 hour flight so fingers crossed it doesn’t end as bad as last years did!

I’ve purchased some bits from the £1 shop, colouring, sticker books etc, as well as some smaller toys to keep him entertained on the flight and this year we don’t have to worry about powdered milk which is just ab fab too!

As well as being Fathers Day while we are out there, it is also OH’s birthday so I’ve also still got to wrap and somehow find space within our 45kg limit to get his presents in without him seeing.. Oh the joys! Anyway..

One day left at work, two cases to pack, a small amount of ironing and preening for Mummy and we are good to go!

T minus 72ish hours to go until we are on route to Gatwick!



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