Southend On Sea

Southend On Sea

Don’t you think the best days / nights always happen when you don’t plan ahead and you live in the moment?

Saturday was a relatively lazy day for us, despite working for a few hours in the morning we were home by 12pm and had a lazy film day, watched Boss Baby (which Frankie found hilarious, me not so much..) & the new Jumanji film which I obviously LOVED because well Dwayne Johnson..  #SmoulderingIntensity..JUMANJI: WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE.

So whilst Mummy was fawning over The Rock she failed to notice that Frankie had actually fallen asleep in his bed & creeped into danger nap terroitory of a 2.5 hour nap between 2-4:30pm! So after waking him (seriously 2.5 hours and he didn’t want to get up!) I bundled us in the car to go to the seafront, if you are from Essex you will know as soon as the sun comes out, rises, feels a little warm in the air, you crave a Rossi ice cream, some fresh seafood and hot doughnuts from Southend!

For the first time in a long time we had no plans to run around on the Sunday so I decided it was okay to let Frankie’s routine go out of wack to enjoy some QT as a family and get dinner out too!

We got to Southend just after 6pm and parked on the seafront pretty easy (free parking after 6pm FYI) & bought Frankie an ice cream at the first stall we found covered with sprinkles, which he obviously licked off then binned the ice cream (Mummy finished it)..

Got some cockles and a rollmop at the seafood sheds under the passway lift which were fresh and divine! I am well aware seafood isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but I have always loved fresh seafood ever since my Mum first met my Stepdad, one of our first trips out was the seafood sheds in Leigh on Sea where he made me try everything from shrimps to crayfish tails & I think that’s probably why I have developed a love of fresh cockles! & rollmops are just unreal if you love strong vinegar flavours, if you can get past the squeaky skin!

I still had 5 tickets left over from taking Frankie to Adventure Island a few months ago, where he decided everything was ‘dangerous’ and screamed for the whole hour we tried getting him on anything above 2 ft in the air so I didn’t need to buy a wristband as I figured it would be a total waste of money if he decided again he was scared of heights, but to my shock he went running down the slope towards the big wheel ‘ferris wheel’ as he kept shouting and begged to go on it, we queued for about 10 minutes to get on and he absolutely loved it! Great, no longer scared of heights I thought and he loved watching down on the go – karts whizzing around as we went up and down!

We had brought spare change, accumulated from past arcade trips but you can no longer use money in the Adventure Island complex, you have transfer money onto a ‘game card’ which you then swipe or tap to go on any of the ticket rides or arcade games, Frankie had so much fun running from the bus, to the train (obvs) and the small wheel you strap them in that goes round!

It got to about 7:30pm and Frankie saw the holy grail of the whole of Southend on Sea a rickety old train ride which fitted his ‘red banded’ height so we was forced into buying four more tickets so he could go round and round and round for at least 30 minutes, honestly, pigs in shit are sadder than he was during those 30 minutes!

We promised he could go in the sand park so we managed to get him off of the train and feigned off the tantrum brewing upon leaving Adventure Island when he saw the slide and sand pit!

We sat down and shared some chips and just watched him running around the sand park, paddling in the smaller crabbing pool & playing with the other children.

It’s amazing looking round how many Mums/Dads just sit on their phones flicking through rather than paying attention to their little ones, I’m no angel, I love a bit of social media (clearly) but not enough to miss the moments right in front of you, apart from taking pictures obviously, especially as you never know who is around to take your eyes off your little ones for just one moment, as one Mum discovered, she had been sitting on her phone for around 20 minutes without looking up before she realised her FOUR YEAR OLD had gone missing from the park, a frantic ten minute search from the rest of the parents led to him being found halfway up the seafront sitting in someones car who had called the police, it honestly made me feel sick at how long he was gone for and I decided there and then to stop with the flicking and live more in the moment.

Watching Frankie’s gleeful face whilst he poured sand into the bucket, into the water is better than reading up how TOWIE/MIC celebs lost their weight using ‘skinny pills’ or flicking Love Island contestants (starts tonight cannot fucking wait), but I will endevaour to save more flicking time for the moments we won’t get again like Saturday night watching Frankie flaunt around the sea front, he was honestly loving life & I didn’t hear the chant ‘Mummy Mummy Mummy’ for a whole hour.

Near on missed the ‘TTT’ (toddler twat tantrum) by promising a car journey home with my phone so he can youtube chinese boys colour code the paw patrol characters and american children chanting the Thomas theme song in German or whatever he happens to watch and a hot ‘domut’ (which apparently isn’t a doughnut without sprinkles).

Full of sand, ice cream & sea food we ventured home around 9:30am, tackled Frankie in a well needed bath and put him to bed all powdered and lovely and went to bed soon after as I was exhausted!

All in all I spent £12 on an unreal family night, you don’t need to spend a lot for QT as a family! Southend is always a good idea! Sometimes I forget how lucky we are to live so close to a sea front!


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  1. June 4, 2018 / 3:03 pm

    Sounds like a great day… & I agree with you about Dwayne!!!! 😉

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