CLOSED – Little Rascals Clubhouse

CLOSED – Little Rascals Clubhouse

Today after seeing posts on of a new soft play in the area I decided to go and give it a try after seeing good reviews on Facebook. I usually tend to avoid softplay like The Plague at the weekends but with the miserable weather and Mum Guilt of a boring Saturday cleaning and shopping, I got us up and ready for opening time at 10am for a fun morning in the playpit.

Little Rascals is easy to find, it’s situated on the Industrial Estate off of Fortune of War, Laindon side straight off of the A127. With a lot of softplays, the car parks are always a total nightmare either full to the brim or awkward space layout but LR has it’s own car park with a fair amount of spaces and in peak times it would be easy enough to park outside on the street without worrying.

The clubhouse is on the first floor of the building with a buggy park directly from the door to the car park, I have read reviews that there will hopefully be a lift going in but we didn’t find it an issue and if I did have a buggy the owners have brought them up in the past for younger guests and parents.

We received a friendly welcome and a loyalty card (10th visit free) and was asked to fill out a form as it was our first visit with mine and Frankie’s name and DOB. I paid £4.50 for entry which in my opinion is a spot on value for money price for the softplay (especially with others charging nearer £10 to go on the weekend).

There was only one other couple with their little one in there so Frankie had free reign of the softplay area. There is the typical softplay frame, slides, ballpit, climbing etc. which is clean and in view of the tables and an under 3’s area with toys, walkers and softplay in which was also clean. A lot of the toys Frankie grabbed to play with actually worked which is unheard of in a softplay! (I’m talking crumb infested one eyed beatbo’s and one lopsided jumperoos, you know the type) and they were all in great condition! It’s clear the areas are both well looked after.

I ordered a vanilla latte and my friend ordered a toffee latte and a tuna melt toastie. Upon ordering there wasn’t a tuna option on the toastie menu but were more than accommodating and said it was no problem. They didn’t have any whipped cream for the latte and went out of their way to go out and get some which did take a while but we appreciated the gesture and the lattes were both ‘Costa worthy!’

The softplay is smaller than other places like Monkey Madness or Partyman World but for Frankie’s age group (2) it was fab because I didn’t have to go climbing once to retrieve him or bob up and down like a Meerkat trying to spot him amongst the multi coloured threads of the frame!

I especially think it’s a gem for Mum’s with a baby and an older child as it’s small and the facilities will entertain both age groups, manoeuvring an under 1 through ball pits and bouncy pillows is exhausting but having an under 1 plus another in an environment that appeals to both must be a winner!

They have capacity for birthday parties and offer great prices for 3+ birthday parties, they do cater for 1/2 but the prices on the website reflect 3+ and I am definently thinking of holding Frankie’s 3rd birthday there as it’s accessible and local.

A pool is opening in June time, downstairs to Little Rascals, offering swimming lessons for children and adults, pool parties and aerobics and they also offer Pregnancy Yoga classes which look appealing as well as an on site beauty room.

I think they’ve done a great job, it’s clean and well designed and I am looking forward to our next visit! It is smaller, as reviewed by many, but for Mums with children under 5 it is a great place to go to let them run themselves into the ground for nap time while you enjoy a natter and a coffee with your Mum Chums!

Bank Holiday Monday they have Feature Creature visiting with limited tickets I believe but it looks fab!

Side note: can’t imagine it was intended but there is a hand car wash behind the building which I took advantage of as I haven’t had my car properly cleaned in a few weeks (5-6 months and wotsits are ingrained in the seats) and Frankie screams going through a car wash so I paid for a wash, wax and vacuum whilst we were inside and they done a good job!


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