Bikini Countdown is ON

Bikini Countdown is ON

pexels-photo-959055.jpegSo First Choice kindly decided to send me an email declaring 53 days until your trip in the sun ‘bikinis at the ready’! Yes I know I booked a holiday almost a month ago, yes I promised myself yep three months to go I can lose plenty of weight in that time, drop a stone, dress size, finally wear the summer clothes I bought for summer 2015, the year I found out I was expecting!

I joint the gym at work and have been going 2-3x a week, spin classes, shred (is as awful it sounds) and watching YouTube and Instagram videos on ‘taming bingo wings’ and ‘say goodbye to the pouch’ but I am only 5 pounds down since that day and the reason is I haven’t changed my diet in the absolute slightest!

So this weekend I had a huge clearout of the cupboards and fridge, took out literally every single bit of unhealthiness (except Frankie’s cheesy quavers & wotsits, which do not take my fancy in the slightest) and did a major healthy shop on Sunday! Not one piece of food with a red nutrition mark on the front touched my basket and I even made a healthy version of a green Thai curry instead of the usual Chinese order of chow mein and late night spring rolls on Sunday night!

Last year I managed to shed a stone & a half through eating healthy and training hard, as we moved out this year I haven’t had the funds for a trainer or the motivation for buying healthy food it’s been fun and games perfecting how to make toad in the hole from scratch and perfecting (attempting) goose fat roasted potatoes but those days are over (for now) I will be a vision of healthy eating and I will prove to myself I can lose weight and I will look good this year in a bikini!

I am not a breakfast person, I always miss the ‘most important meal of the day’ unless I blast a smoothie with greens powder but I don’t always have room to carry it on the train so unless I’m hungover and it’s a McDonalds breakfast I go without until 10/11am. The last few weeks I have really been enjoying overnight oats on my working days so last night I prepared my overnight oats, almond & coconut milk, frozen berries and chia & flax seeds (good for digestion apparently), pumpkin seeds, almonds (also apparently aid with flab burning, Quaker Oats are also doing a free OO jar with every purchase up until the end of June so win win! They also have recipes for more interesting concoctions such as carrot cake overnight oats which I will definently be trying!

Generally I am much more of a vegetable person than a fruit person which has always been my problem when trying to eat healthy, I get bored of a general salad and I cannot stand eating chicken and rice every day for lunch so when we were out shopping I decided to take advice from a few healthy websites I was reading up on to make a salad that I WOULD ENJOY! It won’t be for everyone, but I decided to make a Sweet Potato Salad to last the three days with added extras.

I have sworn to myself I will NOT buy lunch every day, I will make it and save myself a good £20 a week! I will post the recipe to my sweet potato salad (which is absolutely delicious if I do say so myself) and I haven’t yet cracked this week nor has a fatty carb touched my lips ( I know it’s only Wednesday  but I am a proud woman, so far).


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