Dreading the nursery run!

Dreading the nursery run!

pexels-photo-131777.jpegSo today was back to nursery and I was absolutely dreading it getting Frankie up and out!
After starting a new position back in London last month we had finally cracked our earlier routine of waking, teeth, dressed and out the door by 7:20am with no tears upon drop off to nursery, so I wasn’t confident that we would have an easy morning so I braced myself and

Frankie has become accustomed to waking no earlier than 8:30am as though he is a stroppy teenager and no amount of digestive biscuits can awake him from his slumber, unless you want a miserable Bugs for the day! So I set my alarm 20 minutes earlier than usual so I could get up and get ready ahead of him waking up!

I opened up his curtains, put the kettle on and kept calling his name whilst doing my hair and make up – nothing.

I went in his room and rubbed his back trying to coax him to wake up – nothing.

I got some biscuits out of the jar in the kitchen and waved them in his face shouting ‘choccy bisbisc time!’ – nothing.

I knew there was only one thing for the job.. ‘They’re two, they’re four, they’re six and eight….’, no word of a lie my sleepy bug pounced awake at the sound of Thomas and started swaying to the beat as though he was at segment of V Festival!

Now up, I chucked him in my bed and put his newly bought ‘Dino Discoveries – Thomas & Friends’ series and finished off my hair while he sat there like the Prince he is getting digestive crumbs all in my bed (Daddy’s side obvs). I didn’t want to upset him before we exited the house so I purposefully left his nursery top in his bag and dressed him in a different top and got his shoes on.. Then it happened. Full scale sh*t fit –


Brilliant. We were now only 2 minutes ahead of schedule, panicking about being late I gave in and gave him my phone just to get him out the door, so whilst he was watching some Japanese kid make the Sodor Sheds out of matchsticks I hastily shoved his nursery top over his head and got us out the door.

Once in the car he didn’t say a word, obviously he had an iPhone,  when we pulled up at nursery the phone was dropped and he started looking at me, I thought we were in for another wobble, but he smiled and exclaimed YAY!

Walking up the path he was happy and we skipped and played ‘freeze run freeze run’ and he laughed away, when they opened the door he ran in and went ‘I AM BACK NOW MY POTS HAVE GONE WHERE’S MY HOOPS!’ (he calls spots ‘pots’ cute right!), they said how quiet it had been without him, I bet, he settled straight back in looking for Thomas and waiting for his NBF (nursery best friend) to arrive and I left without a single tear or scream.

I rung up an hour after I left and was told he was laughing playing hide and seek with the other children and had been making up for lost time by getting most of the toys out of their places and had ate two bowls of hoops and toast!

Sometimes I just don’t think we give our babies enough credit they’re a lot more resilient than we think and they adapt to situations better the older they get! So today I can sit happy in work knowing my baby is absolutely fine, healthy and happy – until the next phone call (apparently a case of slapped cheek has been confirmed, oh the joys!)



  1. April 24, 2018 / 6:50 pm

    Wow if this is not a success story I don’t know what is!! On top of that chicken pox is out the way now too. Glad your first day back went smoothly too. I have the same worries. My oldest is 4 and she’s been at a childminder, then the same childminder and preschool, then just preschool, now we’ve had to move her to a nursery and just been told we might have to move with work so she’ll be going into another nursery plus school but you are right they’re so so resilient and amazing. We could with taking a leaf out of their book! @mumoftwowithoutaclue http://www.mumoftwowithoutaclue.com

    • April 24, 2018 / 6:52 pm

      We definently could! I’m sure she will be absolutely fine it’s always tough at first but routine becomes habit remember that 😀xx

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