So Long Chicken Pox!

So Long Chicken Pox!

It has taken 10 days/ish, a few bottles of liquid Piriton, Calpol, two tubes of Aqueous Calamine Cream and hours of cuddles and Thomas but I can see the light and 90% of naughty spots have dropped off or scabbed over and my happy little bug is back!

He can go back to nursery on Tuesday and normal life can resume! I am already dreading Tuesdays drop off, over a week off nursery getting up and out the door for 7:20am isn’t going to be fun, especially now Frankie has got used to waking no later than 8:15am (GOD HELP ME) but I am happy to see my little bugs back to his little cheeky self!

Finally he is back to eating us out of house and home, I think he’s making up for a lost week of eating the bare minimum, he is hiding smarties in his train carts again and stuffing half eaten doughnuts down the side of the sofa to finish off an hour later!

5 things I now know about chicken pox:

  1. They literally appear EVERYWHERE, their armpits, scalp, bum and balls (changing a bum has not been pleasant!
  2. Nurofen causes the spots to go deeper into the skin tissue and is strongly advised to avoid when your little one develops chicken pox
  3. You should hide all mirrors in the house pre-full scale pox or your little one may look in the mirror (as mine did) and start crying asking what happened (very emotional day) we covered our two floor length mirrors with two bin sacks!
  4. When the spots start scabbing over, they can go back to nursery/school at their discretion, but you will be looked at as though you’ve brought The Plague in proximity to other children at the park or Tesco!
  5. It’s awful to watch your child go through it but you will get a ton of cuddles and it makes it all worth it! (subscribe to Amazon Prime, they have over 25+ Thomas films..)

Chicken Pox 2


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