The you before you became a Mum ❤️

The you before you became a Mum ❤️

Do you ever look back at pictures of yourself before you became a Mum and think how easy and carefree it all was? No care for anyone else but yourself doing what you want when you want not having to keep a pack of quavers and an emergency dummy in your hand bag or check they haven’t done a poo every time you go to leave the house!

If you felt ill you called in sick to work and spent all day in bed watching ‘say yes to the dress’ and ‘come dine with me’ on repeat and actually got better rather than having it power through and look after the tiny human whilst feeling like a tractor is mowing over your head but they still need keeping alive.

The girls could ring or text half hour before ‘fancy going out tonight?’ You could just go, lather up the fake tan, stick on a dress and actually walk out of the front door all within the hour without any responsibility or care.

You could wake up and decide you fancy mooching round the shops, not actually with anything in mind to buy, but just walk aimlessly up and down the shopping centre browsing taking your time without a ticking time bomb sitting in the buggy bored of looking at all these things they can touch (break or smash) or decide they’re all of a sudden so hungry and have a meltdown because they don’t want to sit still a minute longer!

Catch a TV show luke ‘Ibiza Weekender’ and remember girls holidays when you could do shots at 10am and wear whatever you wanted without worrying about ‘the pouch’ or if you can actually pull it off because ‘your a mum now’.

Have a shower or a bath for longer than 3.5 minutes without them bowling in the bathroom splashing nemo and dory in your face or insisting on getting in with you.

Get up and go to work and concentrate on your day rather than worrying and wondering all day every day if they’re missing you, what they’re doing and how much you miss them.

Cooking a meal with absolutely no nutritional value because you’re already fully grown and not worrying about having enough calcium and some (maybe 1) of their 5 a day on the plate because Sam Faiers only has organic for baby Paul and you feel like an inadequate mother for even buying a normal cucumber these days.

On a day like today you can get yourself straight to a beer garden from work drink yourself silly in ciders and stumble home and not have to worry about hats and sunscreen on your little one’s milky skin!

But then do you look back at pictures of them or watch them playing with their toys or cuddling up to you and think how on earth did I ever cope without you? I do and I wouldn’t change a single thing! 💙 (although I would still love to fit in that white bikini I wore in Zante 2k12)


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