Hutton’s at Wickford Memorial

Hutton’s at Wickford Memorial

The spots are finally starting to disappear.. slowly & the sun was out so after 8 days isolation I decided Frankie was more than ready (and less infectious) to take over the park for an hour. He finally burnt out all the energy he has been building up over the last week in the park going down the slides, roundabouts and swings! & despite me being nervous other Mums would whip their child away from mine as if he had the plague no one took a blind bit of notice!

Wickford Memorial Park has always had scope for a lovely little cafe but to my knowledge there’s only ever been the odd portacabin selling cold drinks and lollies & Frankie was exclaiming he NEEDED a juice (bag left in car whoops) so I was thrilled to see a little cafe where the old changing rooms were but I had forgotten my purse!

We went over and I asked if they accepted Apple Pay they said they did over £5 thumbs up! They had a big selection of lollies, homemade cakes, soft drinks, hot drinks & even cream tea!

We ordered two smartie lollies, a water, san pellingrino (🍋yes they even have that!), two juices, a marshmellow shortbread & a flapjack for just £11 more than reasonable!

They have a menu excellently priced for under 12’s and even offer half a jacket potato! (I’ve had enough arguments with cafes asking them to half a jacket because my 2 year old will literally only eat the cheese anyway and they have no kids menu!)

The two ladies were lovely and took pride in asking us our opinions on the prices and what we would like to see, they said they are going to start doing boxed salads and healthy options soon & they even serve breakfast ALL DAY including everything from smashed avocado and a full English!

An alarm went off on Louise’s phone and we realised she was baking fresh right there in the cafe and told us when all the lovely homemade cakes were baked (with their Mums old mixing machine)!

Their menu has paninis, crisps and typical lunch items and meals such as lasagnes & they do bowls of chips just for a brunch snack! The ladies are more than happy to take advice and suggestions but I think they’re going to be just fine!

They even have capacity to do functions in two rooms which bifold over the park including baby showers, afternoon teas & parties. It is a perfect location idea for a baby shower! Or child’s party with the big fields and park.

Mini Golf has been refurbished and re-opened for just £1 a game!

Memorial Park finally has a lovely little cafe with lovely owners who obviously care a lot about making a proper business at the park and welcoming Mummies and friends alike! They are open 9:30am-4pm Tuesday-Sunday.

I know where I’m going to be spending my summer days! & I can’t wait to go back and have breakfast! ☀️

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  1. Julie Keyworth
    February 3, 2020 / 4:45 pm

    There is a parcel for you in bowls club

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