Friday the 13th.. McDon’s disaster!

Friday the 13th.. McDon’s disaster!

Are you someone like me who HATES filling up, will put a £10 in here and there but never fully fill the tank up and convince yourself you’ve got at least another 40 miles from the point your petrol light comes on? Well after today I will tell you exactly why you shouldn’t be that person (or bring a cash card to pay by chip and pin)

Last night was shit, I doubt between me and Frankie we got even a full hours sleep between his poorly cries and clingy cuddles. We managed five seasons of Thomas back2back and three films after giving in around 3am to the constant ‘ I want the big race on pleeeeeaaaase!!’ Frankie is a great sleeper and always has been, I am NOT good with broken sleep which is why I didn’t enjoy the newborn stage whatsoever, last night instilled further I am 110% not ready for another anytime yet.. Fast forward to 5am Frankie finally fell asleep and so did I until 8am.

Bleary eyed and five coffees later I finally starting feeling a little more human and increasingly worried about Frankie’s lack of hunger until he saw a McDonalds advert and started telling me he ‘neeeeeeded’ nuggets now so I promised he could have some and we’d go and get them. I put him in the car and set off to go but realised my petrol light was on, couldn’t remember the last time I had even drove but McDonalds being only down the road, thought yeah I’ll be fine.

Forgot it was Easter half term, didn’t look before going it was 1:20pm, peak lunch time, the world, it’s Nan and Stepdad were literally all queuing for the drive-thru, my car started making weird noises after I got past the ordering window, juddered then went flat, I was next to drive to the paying window and so I tried turning my keys a few more times but the inevitable happened my petrol light had finally had enough of warning me to fill up and the last of my petrol was gone.

Picture this.. A screaming for nuggets 2 year old covered in spots in 18-24 faded dinosaur pjs, me, fresh out the shower wet hair no make up in cow print pyjamas and flip flops holding up a queue of no less than 35 cars with no movement in the engine! A crew worker came out and I explained that I think my battery had died (white lie but what a dick admitting I hadn’t put petrol in), he called two more members out who pushed my car to the waiting bays. He asked if I still wanted my order looking at my poorly bugs still declaring out for his much needed nuggets so I gave him my card (not wanting to go in my cow pjs hence choosing the drive thru) which he then said had been declined 😩😩😩😩, check balance, nope definently not in my overdraft.. ‘can you try again’ I pleaded two more attempts still declined.. Thank god at that moment Mum turned up to the rescue and gave me £10 to pay and stayed with the car and Frankie while I went in (yep in my cow pjs..). Clearly feeling sorry for me the crew member upgraded my meal to a large and charged me employee discount, cheers Dan the man!

Mum went and got me a jerry can full of petrol, came back filled me up & we finally were on our way home an hour after setting out.. When we got home I realised I had given the crew member my cash card not debit card to pay (no chip no payment method 🤦🏻‍♀️). Here’s hoping this sleep deprived Mum gets a decent-ish night sleep considering the full on level of pox we are on so tomorrow will be a brighter day!

If you take anything from this story it is this.. Don’t take your petrol light for granted, it won’t always be there for you.. & don’t get McDonalds on Friday 13th

On a positive note I did win an apple pie or a sundae or a sugar donut or chocolate muffin, thank Jesus for McDonald’s Monopoly 👏🏼



  1. April 23, 2018 / 10:25 pm

    This is funny but only because it’s the kind of thing that happens in my world!
    Glad you got home safely & your little one is on the mend . 🙂

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