Is that another spot?

So after avoiding it for almost a year of infectious warnings at nursery, it looks like chicken pox has finally shown it’s many scabby faces!

Any time my phone rings and the screen displays ‘Nursery’ I honestly grab my phone so fast you’d think it was part of a task on a game show, that instant worry fills you up until you answer the phone to be told ‘it’s nothing to worry about but….’ except this time it was time to worry, Frankie’s months of avoiding the pox had caught up on him and I was asked to go and get him as he was showing spots on his stomach, face and ears.

This hasn’t been the first time he’d been sent home with signs of pox, we’ve just accepted that every now and then he gets an odd spot here and there and there’s absolutely no reason why but understandably nurseries have to be over-cautious especially with something as infectious as CP!

Having previously left work early just three weeks prior to today’s phone call for spots and five weeks before that for sniffles, I felt obliged to stay at work rather than rush to my baby with the ‘working mum conundrum’ upon me and sent Nannie to go and get him. The Mum guilt from staying at work when told your baby could be ill is put bluntly awful! But it just isn’t plausible to leave work for every spot, scratch and bump, not that it makes you feel any better for not rushing out the door!

I did go to Boots on my lunch break, after reading up on ways to soothe chicken pox and receiving advice off of friends already been through CPgate and armed myself with Piriton & Calpol and a new Thomas and Friends book to ease the MG (Mum Guilt).

As the day has passed, the spots have not, they’re angry and scabby, although not so many of them at present, we have a tearful, snotty and hot little boy.. Calpol, Thomas and Friends on demand and cuddles at the ready, restless night here we come – all aboard the chicken pox train!

Fun side note: Me & Dad never had chicken pox as children! Fingers crossed for us!


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