Easter 2018

Easter 2018

IMG_3838I wish I could tell you that our long weekend was full of Easter themed activities.. But I would be lying! I didn’t lay eggs round the garden for an Easter Egg Hunt (we live in a flat), nor did I participate in local Egg Hunt either (the rain put a stop to us going to any of those!) I didn’t spend £25 on a balloon bunny filled with enough crème eggs, chocolate and maltEaster rabbits to send a type B diabetes sufferer into anaphylactic shock, nor did I venture out to our local farm to take an instagram worthy photo of our 2yr old bug standing with baby offspring – but in 20 years time I doubt Frankie is going to pull apart photo albums and cry parent issues because I didn’t do all of that.

For Frankie’s first Easter sure I bought the bib ‘My First Easter’, I even put bunny ears on him but I didn’t pay anyone £50 for an ‘Easter Mini Shoot’ for him to sit in a basket with decorative eggs and a fake chick in the corner!

I certainly didn’t post a picture of my shit Easter cake I told everyone that Frankie helped me to make (truth is I attacked it while he napped and yes I know it’s shit, but I just wasn’t blessed with creativity!).

Since when did Easter turn into another competition of ‘I’m the best parent because I bought my child the most eggs’?! Good luck changing that bum in the morning after eight too many eggs!

I caught the Kardashians snapchat stories at the weekend (link below) and their Easter was of course OTT, bouncy castles/dollar ‘egg hunt’s/heavily decorated houses, I’m not jealous, if we had their money I’m sure we would paint a 20ft rabbit on the side of our houses too. http://people.com/tv/kardashian-easter-party-farm-animals-eggs/

Easter should be about spending two extra days with family, which is exactly what we ended up doing! We went on a steam train, saw the new Peter Rabbit film together and had all immediate family over for a lamb roast dinner cooked by me which was gloriously yummy, even if my roast potatoes were slightly (a lot ) par boiled and more of a ‘roast rosti’ than a ‘roast potato’.

Now overindulged and back at work I’m reflecting and thinking of which Easter Egg to have when I get home, after all diets start on Mondays right?





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